• Pre-Release 3e5b39d92c

    unfa released this 1 year ago | 0 commits to main since this release


    1. Download the file above and extract it.
    2. Run the binary based on your operating system (Liblast Linux or Liblast Windows).
    3. Set your user profile (name and color)
    4. Join the public server at unfa.xyz
    5. Have fun!

    Notable changes:

    1. Improved look of the test level (4K textures, reflection probles, nice lighting etc.)
    2. New weapon: rocket launcher! So far only scores direct hits.
    3. Weapon switching. Use keys 1 and 2 to select weapons.
    4. Improved score table, showing player colors, pings and packet loss
    5. Players can no longer be killed multiple times
    6. Falling out will kill you
    7. You can commit suicuide when you're stuck (option is in the menu - acces with Esc while in game)