1 Project Roadmap
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This roadmap describes the planned features for the Liblast project up to version 0.3.0, all of these version are pre-alpha.


  • Add the option to disable Screen Space Reflections.
  • Add the option to disconnect from a server.
  • Add respawning health pickups.


  • Classes

    A basic implementation of classes, class selection screen, each class has different basic attributes (damage, speed, health).

  • Teams

    A basic implementation of teams, where each player can select a team to start in at the beginning of the game. (Team Red, Team Blue).

  • Team Colors

    Each team now has a selection of hues to pick from rather than an unbounded selection.


  • Maps

    A basic implementation of maps, map selection and a set of maps to play on beyond the default one.


  • Models

    A basic implementation of character models.