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Adding comments to your blog


Alchemy supports Disqus comments by default. Specify DISQUS_SITENAME in your to enable comments integration.

Other comment engines

Other comment engines may be integrated into Alchemy by overriding default template for include/comments.html:

  • Check the documentation for your comment provider and save the required HTML snippet as any_directory/include/comments.html. Example snippets for some comment engines are listed below.
  • Set THEME_TEMPLATES_OVERRIDES to contain correct path to templates directory:
THEME_TEMPLATES_OVERRIDES = ['any_directory']  # paths are relative to location of

Integration snippets for different comment engines


<div id="isso_thread">
  <script data-isso="{{ ISSO_URL }}/" src="{{ ISSO_URL }}/js/embed.min.js"></script>
  <section id="isso-thread"></section>

ISSO_URL may be provided via or replaced by hardcoded value in the template