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Mysql dev env

This is a simple mysql development environment. It provides MySQL and PHPMyAdmin as a minimal docker-compose deployment. both MySQL and PHPMyAdmin are exposed to the host and can be reached from other applications


In order to use the setup, clone this repository. The configuration is done in .env. If you want a specific database to be created on container initialization, set MYSQL_DATABASE. Its highly recommended to set MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD to something slightly more secure than example, even its just a local development environment, especially when operating in public networks.

Database initialisation

Databases can be imported using PHPMyAdmin. Nevertheless it can be useful to automatically load database dumps on container creation. In order to do this, place arbitrary initialisation scripts in the subdirectory initdb.d. To be executed these files need to have one of the following extensions:

  • .sh
  • .sql
  • .sql.gz


Simply run docker-compose up to start the services. Run docker-compose up -d to run them in background.


To delete the created containers and start again with the initialization, execute docker-compose rm