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Meet Gott! This is a simple time tracking tool in Go. Its currently work in progress, so DO NOT USE THIS IN PRODUCTION!

The aim is to create a tool which allows timetracking from command line, syncs between devices, probably with a nice web interface later on (fuck you Mite! ;)


You need to have go installed on your system.

go get
cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/
go build 
go install

No the binary lives in $GOPATH/bin. Make sure, this is in your $PATH.


The basic idea is to tell gott when you start and stop a task. In both cases you can specify tags which get added. So you can decide what fits better to your workflow.

For example if you start coding now, type gott start coding. When you stop you know what you did and can give some additional info: gott stop "implement xyz". Please note: When a tag should contain a whitespace, which is totally fine, put the string in double quotes.

To view your records, simply use gott list.