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Liblast - a Libre Multiplayer FPS Game


A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot game engine and a fully FOSS toolchain.

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Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


How to play

Download the game

Go to the releases page and download the latest release of the game. You'll find some instructions and notes there as well:

There's one public dedicated server running at

To start playing Liblast it's recommended to first host a local game and adjust your mouse sensitivity and other preferences, as well as modify your profle (player name and color). Then connect to the public server (or any other that you know of) and play!


  • WASD to walk around
  • mouse to look around
  • mouse 1 to shoot
  • space bar to jump
  • shift to use the jetpack
  • T to write to your team mates (not complete yet)
  • Y to write to all players on the server (not complete yet)
  • Z to zoom
  • Esc for menu

Rewrite Status

The game has been mostly rewritten from scratch in Godot 4. The legacy branch contains the initial, Godot 3-based version of the game. This version of the game has served well as a prototype and a testbed to help us figure out what we want to do. We've also learned some important lessons on our mistakes.

We wanted to take advantage of the improved performance, features and workflow of Godot 4 and since the GDScript syntax is changing significantly - we've decided we'll take this opportunity to rebuild the game from scratch and improve our design.

Compared to the legacy version, most of the features are done, along with some extra things thet were either not done or not possible in Godot 3.


If you'd like to contribute to the project, please get in touch first, as we've got some designs in mind, and we'd hate to have any effort wasted!

Get in touch

If you want to talk to the dev team and discuss the game in an instant manner, go here:

How to edit the game

Get the Godot 4 editor for the OS of your choosing from here:

For example for Linux you need Godot_[version] Extract the archive to obtain the Godot editor binary (yes, it's a single file).

If you'll want to export the game (make game builds) you'll also need to download (and subsequently install in Godot) the export templates (file ending with .tpz).

After you have that done - proceeed based on your OS:


  1. Make sure you have git, git-lfs and unzip installed.

  2. Clone the Git repository:

git clone
  1. Enter the cloned repository:
cd liblast
  1. Initialize Git-LFS:
git lfs install
  1. Pull the Git-LFS stored files:
git lfs pull
  1. Run the Godot editor and import the project located in ../Game/project.godot

Windows (untested!)

  1. Install Git for Windows:

  2. Clone the Git repository:

git clone
  1. Open GitBash in the cloned repository (ther should be an option in the context menu in Windows Explorer)

  2. Initialize Git-LFS:

git lfs install
  1. Pull the Git-LFS stored files:
git lfs pull
  1. Run the Godot editor and import the project located in ../Game/project.godot

# What does the name of this project mean?

`Libre` + `Blast` = `Liblast`

No, it's not a library ;)