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Liblast - a Libre Multiplayer FPS Game


A Libre Multiplayer FPS Game built with Godot game engine and a fully FOSS toolchain.

Primary goals:

  1. Create a fun open-source game for everyone to enjoy
  2. Prove that libre creative tools suffice to make a good game - we use only open-source software in the production
  3. Have fun, get to know each other and grow together with the project

Secondary goals:

  1. Push the envelope of open-source FPS games in regards to a coherent design, style, technology and overall quality
  2. Enable the game to be playable on lower-end computers, but provide higher fidelity for those who have more powerful hardware
  3. Allow joining the game from a web browser for quick sessions, as well as providing downloadable package for residential or portable usage
  4. Actively help the development of Godot engine and other open-source tools that we depend on
  5. Facilitate 3rd party content via mods
  6. Provide optional online accounts to securely store user data and protect their in-game identity

Subscribe to the YouTube channel for upcoming video updates!

Watch the latest public playtesting session

Repository Bootstrap Snapshot

Due to reported issues with cloning the game repository as a temporary aid we provide a REPOSITORY SNAPSHOT (9.1 GB, 7-zip). Download, extract and proceed with git pull to update.


How To Play

Download the game

Go to the releases page and download the latest release of the game. You'll find some instructions and notes there as well.

There's one public dedicated server running at the game will present the server address upon startup.

To start playing Liblast it's recommended to first host a local game and adjust your mouse sensitivity and other preferences, as well as modify your profle (player name and color). Then connect to a server and play!


Key Action
WASD Movement
Mouse Camera
Left Click Shoot
Space Jump
Shift (Hold) Jetpack
1 / 2 Select weapon
T Chat with Team
Y Chat with All
Z Zoom
M Mute audio
ESC Main Menu

Contributing and Getting in touch

Check the Contribution Guide!

If you want to talk to the dev team and discuss the game in an instant manner, go here:

How to Edit the Game

As Godot 4 haven't had a stable release yet, we're bundling the Godot editor and export templates in the game repository (in the Godot folder). If you'll try using latest Godot nightly builds, things may not work. Updating the whole game to the newest Godot version is doen periodically by the core team. If you think it's time to update - file an Issue and justify your iquiry. If you just send a pull request that breaks compatibility with the currently used Godot version, it'll most likely be rejected.


  1. Make sure you have git, git-lfs and unzip installed.

  2. Clone the Git repository:

git clone
  1. Enter the cloned repository:
cd liblast
  1. Initialize Git-LFS:
git lfs install
  1. Pull the Git-LFS stored files (that includes the bundled Godot editor binaries):
git lfs pull
git fetch
  1. Extract the Godot editor binary:
cd Godot
  1. Run the Godot editor and import the project located in ../Game/project.godot

Windows (untested!)

  1. Install Git for Windows:

  2. Clone the Git repository:

git clone
  1. Open GitBash in the cloned repository (ther should be an option in the context menu in Windows Explorer)

  2. Initialize Git-LFS:

git lfs install
  1. Pull the Git-LFS stored files (that includes the bundled Godot editor):
git lfs pull
git fetch
  1. Extract the Godot editor binary located in Godot folder. The file is named You can probaly use Windows Explorer to do this.

  2. Run the Godot editor and import the project located in ../Game/project.godot

What does the name of this project mean?

Libre + Blast = Liblast (pronounced ˈlɪblɑːst)

No, it's not a library ;)